30 Jan

Cannibal Bunnies is a arcade puzzle game released by Creative Drops Studio.

From the moment this game began to load up I so wanted to love it.

The idea behind the application is simple, the world is populated with rabbits, some as nice fluffy mostly brainless bunnies who hope around eating anything that smells like a carrot. There are purple bunnies, who have gone crazy and then have started to eat other bunnies. Then there are red bunnies, who are lazy and do not move, but just wait for stupid bunnies to hope close enough to eat or roll boulders at them (in later levels).

Your job is to grab the bunnies and lock them into cages to save their lives before they mindless hop off cliffs or into purple and red bunnies.

Gameplay wise the application presents you with side on world view made up of several platforms with ladders and cages around the landscape. As you tap the start button the bunnies all start moving. Almost immediately you will see the bunnies falling off the platforms. There are carrots in the level that make the rabbits temporary strong or sick (which is contagious).

The graphics are wonder, they are cute and well animated. The sound is good, the music is cute and bouncy.

The biggest downside of this game is the scrolling. The screen immediately zooms and you are unable to zoom out again. You need to get a cage on the screen to put the bunnies into and also have bunnies on the same screen to save. Meanwhile, bunnies are been eaten or falling off the platforms. So you are continually scrolling around, annoyingly, the screen will not scroll if you are holding a bunny, so you need to drop it.

On the upside:

  • Fast action game
  • Cute and Funny bunnies

On the downside:

  • Too much scrolling at times.
  • Bunnies are dumb, they die within seconds of the level beginning.
  • No indication with a bunny is able to drop into a cage, so you may let go and they fall off the screen. A glow around the cage would have been nice.

Overall, this game is good, but has some gameplay issues that just make it a bit annoying at this stage. The large amount of scroll (zooming a little would have been nice) and no hint if the rabbit is in the right position to enter a cage or not is also annoying. This is one of the first games I had to turn down the difficulty level to progress in the game, as too many bunnies fall or were eaten within five seconds of entering a level on the default difficult level (with is Hard). I think with an update to fix some of these issues this game could be a best seller, but at the moment, the gameplay is not quite there.

Rating: 77%

Size: 81.5 MB

Price (at time of review): £2.39

Link: Cannibal Bunnies – Creative Drops Studios

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