29 Dec

Documents to Go Premium – Office Suite is released by DataViz, Inc.

This application allows you to edit and create Microsoft Office files be it Word, Excel or Powerpoint. The application can handle several other files as well, but some like PDF are viewable rather than editable. File can be transferred via File Sharing using a desktop application, via Email (Open in), Cloud services like Dropbox or via iTunes.

The word processor side is good with all the standard features of a word processor, like fonts and bullets points. However, things like tables are not supported and the lack of spell checker is also a pain.

The spreadsheet side is good for editing existing files, but the not so good for new spreadsheets as functions are slow to access. The basics are supported well, but other others such as graphs etc are not.

The power point support is a bit limited, allowing you to create new text based slides, but no real support for graphics. However, if you spot you need to fix a spelling mistake on an existing file it has its uses.

The application user interface is good in most areas, but some basic options may need two or three clicks to reach and use.

On the upside:

  • Excellent Cloud support
  • Solid Word Processor and Spreadsheet.
  • Universal App
  • Support for most of the newer version of office and other products too.

On the downside:

  • User interface not perfect. Spreadsheet can be tricky to use at times.
  • No spell checker, uses the built in auto correction instead.

Overall, this is a solid application for using office documents on the move. Both the word processor and spreadsheet do a great job at editing and a good job at creation of documents. The power point support is there, but really only any good for editing or setting up the basic outline. This application is very good at supporting office based documents on the go, and then when you are back at the office doing the fine tuning and fancy stuff. 

Rating: 84%

Size: 9.3 MB

Price (at time of review): £9.99

Link: Documents To Go® Premium – Office Suite – DataViz, Inc.


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