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Two major updates in the last few weeks have got my attention.

Friendly: 77% (up from 64%)

This update has added some stability to the application once you finally get to log in. The update has added multiple account and some speed enhancements which are all a plus. I still find the app a little unreliable over slower speed WiFi and 3G, but apart from that getting better all the time.


Knights Rush: Now 82% (up from 74%)

Several improvements have been made to the app since the original review. The gameplay has been improved and when you change between the three characters the previous experience is not lost. Lots of fun, but still a bit to repetitive.

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1) Worms 2: Armageddon (£2.99) – 79%

Apart from slightly dodgy controls this is a brilliant little game that keeps you coming back, especially with Multiplayer via WiFi and BlueTooth.

2) Let’s Create Pottery HD (£2.99) – 89%

Look out for the review soon. Yes I thought making Pottery would be boring, but it is not. A real feeling achievement when you make something that looks really good.

3) Battle for Wesnoth HD (£0.59) – 82%

A brilliant and large strategy game, lots to get your teeth into here.

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With one great free release today, all others are put into the shade.

Ragdoll Blaster 2: 85%

A puzzle game that will test your mind and patience. I can hardly believe it is now free.

Starbase Command: 77%

A solid defence game, I just wish there was a save and resume option, rather than just closing the app and restarting at the point you left the game. 

Crazy Labyrinth [HD Version]: 68%

A very good labyrinth style game, but I could not find a recalibrate option, so had to play with the unit at a mad angle.

Weather Touch: 65%

A solid three in a row game, that unlocks photos etc.

GuruBear HD – Lion Roars Up: 63%

This is a nice eBook that can play automatically like a cartoon or you can read yourself. The audio recording is not 100%, but pretty good. The book itself is fair and funny at times.




Did you wonder what an iPhone developer can create in 24 hours in order to profit at maximum from the astonishing possibilities of the Retina display? The team at Infinite Dreams decided to check it out and take the chance to create something really amazing! The new project has been designed, developed and submitted to App Store in just 24 hours!

Gliwice, Poland – Infinite Dreams the creators of “Let’s Create! Pottery” and “iQuarium” informed today that they are working on a mystery 24-hour project which will hit the App Store soon. The only known detail about this unveiled application is that it fully supports the gorgeous iPhone 4 Retina display. The App will be however also compatible with older devices. More information’s will be revealed on Tuesday.

iPhone gamers can follow developer’s Facebook channel and submit their presumptions about this mysterious App. The one who guesses the theme of this unique product will be awarded Infinite Dreams games!

Follow Infinite Dreams social channels to get the latest news about “Let’s Create! Pottery HD” and other Infinite Dreams games.

Twitter –

Facebook – 

YouTube – 

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WackyLands Boss is a side scrolling beat ’em up released by Chillingo Ltd.

The application opens to a cartoon FMV of your monsters plan to clear his view, you can then create a boss in one of the three profile slots. Once you have creature your monster from the limited options available (more is unlocked as you progress through the game and gain levels) you can attack your first humans in the sort tutorial. The game itself is much mash a button basher. Get to a group of enemy hit them and move on, maybe use a special power or two.

As extras, you can unlock three mini games as you progress through the game, and there are also achievements to gain.

The graphics are good and even the monster is loveable. The sounds are also good.

The major issue I have with this game are the controls. All are done on the touch screen, press and hold the left side of the screen to move left, press and hold the right side to move right. Tap the screen to attack. Swipe up to pick up etc. So fighting standing still is easy, however, archers etc appear at the side of the screen, you walk towards them. You press attack and the move away before you can hit them, so you have to hold the move again. This is especially true with slower weapons. Also I found the swipe up and down very hit and miss and often frustrated at the monster did not do what I wanted.

On the upside:

  • Great fun evolving your monster
  • Nicely designed game

On the downside:

  • Terrible controls
  • Longevity may be an issue.

Overall, if it was not for the annoying controls this would be a fun and funny game. It is great that you can evolve your monster, and there is a lot here in the games favour. However, the controls are such and issue that it stops this being the game it could be. The simple inclusion of an option for a virtual joypad would resolve many of my issues with this game.

Rating: 71%

Size: 19.8 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.59

Link: Wackylands Boss

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