30 Oct

With one great free release today, all others are put into the shade.

Ragdoll Blaster 2: 85%

A puzzle game that will test your mind and patience. I can hardly believe it is now free.

Starbase Command: 77%

A solid defence game, I just wish there was a save and resume option, rather than just closing the app and restarting at the point you left the game. 

Crazy Labyrinth [HD Version]: 68%

A very good labyrinth style game, but I could not find a recalibrate option, so had to play with the unit at a mad angle.

Weather Touch: 65%

A solid three in a row game, that unlocks photos etc.

GuruBear HD – Lion Roars Up: 63%

This is a nice eBook that can play automatically like a cartoon or you can read yourself. The audio recording is not 100%, but pretty good. The book itself is fair and funny at times.



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