30 Sep

Real Football 2011 is the latest version of Gameloft’s Football (Soccer) series.

(screen shot taken from the iPad so image up-sized)

The game is basically a football simulation game. There are single and multiplay (via Bluetooth or WiFi) options available. Single player offers Exhibition (quick play) or various Leagues, Cups and even Penalty kick practice. Gameloft have managed to get the real players names into the game, but have been unable to get the club team names, so you will be playing Man. Red etc, so you will only get nicknames or real location names. However, Gameloft have also added the option to rename team, so you can correct them yourself.

The sound and graphics are good. The graphics are very good with reasonable animation and a well designed user interface. The players do not look must like their real world counterparts. The sound of the match is as you would expect, the commentary is few and fair between.

I found the sudden switch of controls for the throw-in to be a bit strange, but I understand why they did it, but seems like a bit of a gimmick.

The game even offers an RSS feed of some of the real football results, that scroll along the bottom of the screen.

On the upside:

  • A great looking football game with most of the players with real names.
  • Lots of options to select from, including cups and leagues.
  • The closest thing to real football on the iPhone

On the downside:

  • The computerised team appear to have much more organisation than your own.
  • The controls are not great.

Overall, this is a good football game and probably the best you can get on the iPhone at the moment, however, the feeling of lack of control and our minor problems stop it from being a great game.

Rating: 7/10

Size: 227 MB

Price (at time of review): £3.99

Link: Real Football 2011

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