11 Sep

Some good free app’s today, and the first 0/10, as we had an epic fail on Mini Flying Ninja, will let you know if it works one day.

Phoenix Spirit: 6/10
Interesting and nice looking maze exploring game, reminds me a lot of the original Ecco the dolphin in style.

Mini Flying Ninja: 0/10
Tries to download MiniNation game information and fails. Epic Failure…

iBomber 2: 5/10
Basic bombing game, nicely designed, but did not grab me.

Gravity Lander: 6.5/10
Retro style puzzle game. Fun to play and well designed.

Control Freak HD: 7.5/10
Very nice little puzzle / resource game, works well and enjoyable to you.

Elementz HD: 5.5/10
A pretty looking, but fairly average three in a row game.

Zombie Flick: 6.5/10
Nice first person zombie survival game, plays very well.

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