30 May

An excellent retro remake of a classic dungeon crawl by Fargoal, LLC

This is a wonderful retro game where you create your adventure and descend down though the levels of a dungeon in search of a magic sword.

The graphics and sound are simple, but functional. There are few options to be seen, but they are not really needed.

I have lost several hours of my life to this game, as once you start playing, then you want to continue. It can be very addictive, few to go that little deeper into the dungeon.

When playing the game you need to take things slowly, it is very easy to rush into the deeper dungeons, but you will soon find yourself out-classed and dying, so it is better to explore the early levels fully and get levelled and equipped for the deeper levels.

Overall, this is an excellent game, and I can well recommend it, but the price is a little too high for my liking, especially on the HD iPad version.

Rating: 8/10

Price (at time of review):

Link: Sword of Fargoal


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